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On the phylogeny of hair. American Museum novitates ; no. 1820

  title={On the phylogeny of hair. American Museum novitates ; no. 1820},
  author={Hans Elias and Seymour. Bortner},
Proposta de utilização da microestrutura de pêlos-guarda para fins de estudos forenses e no controle de qualidade de alimentos
A identificacao de mamiferos atraves das caracteristicas microscopicas de seus pelos e possivel com a utilizacao de varias tecnicas tais como a analise dos padroes microestruturais encontrados nas
Evolutionary aspects of hair polymorphism
Hairs originated in these lineages in parallel from keratin epidermis in correlation with the establishment of homeothermy but independently of vibrissae, providing for a strong differentiation of hairs largely similar in different taxa.
The Symbolic Self in Evolutionary Context
  • C. Sedikides, J. Skowronski
  • Psychology
    Personality and social psychology review : an official journal of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Inc
  • 1997
It is suggested that these two environmental pressures caused the symbolic self to emerge in the Pleistocene epoch as an adaptation for Homo erectus, and the possible functions served by such an adaptation are reviewed.
The avian relationships of Archaeopteryx, and the origin of birds
The boundary between reptiles and birds is best placed at a pronounced 'morphological gap', which ensures that most animals conventionally regarded as 'birds' will be retained in the class Aves-though Archaeopteryx would be transferred to the dinosaur suborder Theropoda.
The mechanism of feather pattern development in the chick. 1. The time of determination of feather position.
  • D. Davidson
  • Biology
    Journal of embryology and experimental morphology
  • 1983
A new method for the culture of chick skin is described which allows the development of large areas of the feather pattern to be investigated experimentally, and indicates that the positions of feathers are determined sequentially along an invisible wave which moves just ahead of the visible wave of primordium morphogenesis.