On the other side.

  title={On the other side.},
  author={Jon Solomon},
  volume={59 7},
The Power of Backstitching: A Model to Strengthen Student Learning About Racial Justice
Teachers regularly plan and implement lessons to facilitate student learning using a traditional lesson model where the content often progresses in a linear manner. Through our work of preparing
Historical Fiction Picture Books: The Tensions Between Genre and Format
Historical fiction picture books represent a small subset of titles in the broader scope of the format. However, these books are important to both readers and educators. As books are used in
What If the Doors of Every Schoolhouse Opened to Social-Emotional Learning Tomorrow: Reflections on How to Feasibly Scale Up High-Quality SEL
  • M. Elias
  • Education
    Educational Psychologist
  • 2019
Social-emotional learning (SEL) refers to a set of competencies that form the basis of human interaction. So, SEL in schools is no fad. But what would happen if every school actively wanted to bring
A Day Without Immigrants: The Racial and Class Politics of Immigrant Exclusion
A Day Without Immigrants 1 May 2006 was a milestone in the struggle for worker, human, and immigrant rights, as well as US Chicano/Latino history. Over a million people, mostly Latino immigrants and
The Mental Health Act and Professional Hostage Taking
The role of compulsory detention of the mentally abnormal offender in respect of the 1983 Mental Health Act is examined in terms of its role as a sanction against transgressors of a particular value system, who are spotlighted by the increased ‘surveillance’ in the authors' society.
Intersectional rhythmanalysis: Power, rhythm, and everyday life
This article examines rhythmanalysis within the context of Henri Lefebvre’s critique of everyday life and identifies gaps in his framework from the vantage point of intersectional feminist
Towards an understanding of mothers’ dream, design and destiny processes in their relationship with their children in a low socio-economic environment: an appreciative inquiry
This qualitative paper promotes the phenomenological understanding of how mothers from a low socio economic environment (LSEE) envision, design and implement their future perspective of their
A Qualitative Inquiry of the Lived Experiences of Music Therapists Who Have Survived Cancer Who Are Working with Medical and Hospice Patients
Five American music therapists who have survived cancer and also work with patients in medical hospitals or hospice settings are interviewed to fully describe their lived experience of surviving cancer and examine how the cancer experience affected their clinical work thereafter.
Critical Literacy, Common Core, and “Close Reading”
Across the United States, teachers from kindergarten through high school are being asked to implement a new set of standards—the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)—in order to prepare our nation's