On the origins of the god Ruḍaw and some remarks on the pre-Islamic North Arabian pantheon

  title={On the origins of the god Ruḍaw and some remarks on the pre-Islamic North Arabian pantheon},
  author={Ahmad AL JALLAD},
  journal={Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society},
  pages={559 - 571}
  • Ahmad AL JALLAD
  • Published 25 March 2021
  • Sociology
  • Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society
Abstract This contribution proposes an interpretation of a newly attested divine title of the ancient Arabian deity Ruḍaw, mkśd ‘(the one) from Chaldea’. It explores what sense this title could have had and its implications on our understanding of Ruḍaw's position in the ancient Arabian pantheon, especially in relation to Allāt. It also examines mentions of Ruḍaw in Islamic-period narrative sources and concludes that his cult likely disappeared by Islamic times; tales of the destruction of his… 



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