On the origin of the moon by rotational fission

  title={On the origin of the moon by rotational fission},
  author={A. Binder},
  journal={The moon},
  • A. Binder
  • Published 1974
  • Geology, Physics
  • The moon
  • Based on simple CIPW norms for the proposed terrestrial upper mantle material, it is shown that if the Moon fissioned from the Earth and gravitationally differentiated, it could have a 72 km thick anorthosite (An97) crust, a calcium poor (3.8% by weight) pyroxenite upper mantle 100 Mg/Mg + Fe = 75 to 80) ending at a depth of 313 km and a dunite (Fo93_95) lower mantle below a depth of 313 km. Refinements of these simple norm models, based on the cooling history, crystallization sequence and the… CONTINUE READING
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