On the origin of the architect: Architects and xenía in the ancient Greek theatre

  title={On the origin of the architect: Architects and xen{\'i}a in the ancient Greek theatre},
  author={Simon Weir},
  journal={Interstices: journal of architecture and related arts},
  • Simon Weir
  • Published 2016
  • History, Sociology
  • Interstices: journal of architecture and related arts
Ubiquitous in ancient Greek culture, the ethical principle of xenia may broadly translate as hospitality to strangers, doing so through taking interpersonal, political, and architectural form. Since xenia includes the accommodation of foreign guests, some evidence of xenia in architecture is logically found in houses and hostels, but surprisingly more evidence surrounds Athens’ Theatre of Dionysus, on stage in Aristophanes’ Peace and Euripides’ Cyclops, and off stage through the architects… Expand
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