On the order of the QCD chiral phase transition for different numbers of quark flavours

  title={On the order of the QCD chiral phase transition for different numbers of quark flavours},
  author={Francesca Cuteri and Owe Philipsen and Alessandro Sciarra},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
Abstract The nature of the QCD chiral phase transition in the limit of vanishing quark masses has remained elusive for a long time, since it cannot be simulated directly on the lattice and is strongly cutoff-dependent. We report on a comprehensive ongoing study using unimproved staggered fermions with Nf ∈ [2, 8] mass-degenerate flavours on Nτ ∈ {4, 6, 8} lattices, in which we locate the chiral critical surface separating regions with first-order transitions from crossover regions in the bare… Expand
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