On the optical behaviour of crypto-crystalline quartz

  title={On the optical behaviour of crypto-crystalline quartz},
  author={Chandrasekhara Venkata Sir Raman and A. Jayaraman},
  journal={Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences - Section A},
  • C. Raman, A. Jayaraman
  • Published 1955
  • Materials Science
  • Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences - Section A
SummaryThe polarisation of the light regularly transmitted by fibrous chalcedony and the character of the diffraction spectra exhibited by iridescent agate are described and discussed. It is shown that the phenomena point conclusively to the laminations in iridescent agate responsible for the diffraction effects being a consequence of the periodic orientation of the c-axis of quartz along the length of the fibres. Photographs illustrative of the optical effects and of the X-ray diffraction… 
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Über die natürlichen Faser- und Aggregationstypen beim SiO2, ihre Verwachsungsformen, Richtungsstatistik und Doppelbrechung

Die bis jetzt sicher bekannten Fasertypen [11$0], [0001], [1010] bei Quarz sind auf Grund ihrer abnehmenden Haufigkeit wahrscheinlich strukturbedingt durch Ketten abnehmender Bindungsstarke in diesen



The structure and optical behaviour of chalcedony

SummaryCommon chalcedony and agate, when examined by methods of investigation similar to that employed in the case of iridescent agate, the results of which have already been reported in

X-ray study of fibrous quartz

5. SummaryThe results of optical and X-ray examination of specimens of fibrous quartz from the Bababudan Hills in Mysore are described. They indicate that the material may be described as