On the number of periodic trajectories for a Hamiltonian flow on a convex energy surface

  title={On the number of periodic trajectories for a Hamiltonian flow on a convex energy surface},
  author={Ivar Ekeland and J. M. Lasry},
  journal={Annals of Mathematics},
kbstract In this paper, we look for periodic solutions, with prescribed energy h C R, of Hamilton's equations: (H) a H (x, p), p aH (x, p). ap Ax It is assumed that the Hamiltonian H is convex on R" x R", and that the origin (0, 0) is an isolated equilibrium. It is also assumed that some ball B around the origin can be found such that the energy surface H'(h) lies outside B but inside v'2 B. Under these assumptions, we prove that there are at least n distinct periodic orbits of the Hamiltonian… 

Existence of multiple periodic orbits on star-shaped Hamiltonian surfaces

Consider the Hamiltonian system (HS) i = 1, …, N. Here, H ϵ C2(ℝ2N, ℝ). In this paper, we investigate the existence of periodic orbits of (HS) on a given energy surface Σ = {z ϵ ℝ2N; H(z) = c} (c > o

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Considering a decomposition R2N=A♁B of R2N , we prove in this work, the existence of at least (1+dimA) geometrically distinct periodic solutions for the first-order Hamiltonian system

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The dual action is a functional whose extremals lead to solutions of Hamilton's equations. Up to now, extremals of the dual action have been obtained either through its global minimization or through

Relative normal modes for nonlinear Hamiltonian systems*

  • J. Ortega
  • Physics, Mathematics
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Section A Mathematics
  • 2003
An estimate on the number of distinct relative periodic orbits around a stable relative equilibrium in a Hamiltonian system with continuous symmetry is given. This result constitutes a generalization

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One-parameter families of periodic solutions emanating from equilibrium points of a Hamiltonian system are investigated. A class of families that cannot merge on continuation is indicated; as a

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Many problems in mathematical physics can be formulated as differential equations of second order in time: with V a convex functional. This is the Euler equation for the Lagrangian which is convex

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Preface to the classics edition Preface Part I. Fundamentals of Convex Analysis. I. Convex functions 2. Minimization of convex functions and variational inequalities 3. Duality in convex optimization