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On the nature of the tablet collections of Hattusa

  title={On the nature of the tablet collections of Hattusa},
  author={T. Hout},
Akkadographic Analytic Case Markers in Hittite
Abstract: The introductory part of the paper is devoted to the notions case, semantic roles, Sumerograms, Akkadograms and hybrid writings. The main part of the paper presents possible competing usesExpand
In Royal Circles: The Nature of Hittite Scholarship
This essay advocates a distinction between scribal craftsmen and scholar-scribes, the latter mostly coming from the elite circles of the kingdom and increasingly, as their career advanced, involvedExpand
The Reception of Sumerian Literature in the Western Periphery
The composition A Prayer for a King (PfK) is a prayer to the god Enlil on behalf of an unnamed king. This text is unknown from the Old Babylonian literature and is only attested in a bilingualExpand
HBM 74 from Maşat-Höyük, an implementation of a Hittite law?
The main topic of this paper is to shed some light on the strange dispute between Kassu and the Priest, mentioned in the letter HBM 74, concerning the destiny of the Priests runaway slaves. MyExpand
An Excavated Dossier of Cuneiform Tablets from Level VII Alalah̬?
  • J. Lauinger
  • History
  • Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research
  • 2011
This article examines whether or not the sequence of excavation numbers for cuneiform tablets excavated during the 1939 season at Alalah̬ (Tell Atchana) can reflect “excavated dossiers,” that is,Expand
The Tablet and its Scribe: Between Archival and Scribal Spaces in Late Empire Period Ḫattusa
Abstract This study explores the personal copyist statement in the tablet colophons, the scribes who appear in them and the tablets’ findspots in order to demonstrate the relationships between text,Expand