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On the morphology of Criconemoides Taylor, 1936, with descriptions of six new species (Nematoda: Criconematidae).

  title={On the morphology of Criconemoides Taylor, 1936, with descriptions of six new species (Nematoda: Criconematidae).},
  author={Dewey J. Raski},
Ring nematode (Criconemoides xenoplax), distribution, characterisation and culture methods
The ring nematode is regarded, worldwide, as a significant pest in stone fruit orchards and vineyards, and it has become a common soil pest in South African production areas, demonstrating its importance as an economically significant pest. Expand
Description and Distribution of Three Criconematid Nematodes from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China.
The study provides the first record of D. hengsungica in China and confirms the presence of C. parvus previously reported from China, and suggests that the genus Discocriconemella is not monophyletic. Expand
COI haplotype groups in Mesocriconema (Nematoda: Criconematidae) and their morphospecies associations.
It is indicated that some of the species considered cosmopolitan in their distribution are actually multispecies polyphyletic groupings and an accurate assessment of Mesocriconema species distributions will benefit from molecular determination of haplotype relationships. Expand
Taxonomy and morphology of plant-parasitic nematodes associated with turfgrasses in north and South Carolina, USA.
Twenty-nine species of plant-parasitic nematodes were recovered from 282 soil samples collected from turfgrasses in North Carolina and South Carolina during 2011 and from previous collections, with new records from turfgrass in both states. Expand
Species diversity of ring nematodes of the genus Criconemoides (Nematoda: Criconematidae) based on three new species from China, using integrative taxonomy
Three new Criconemoides species were isolated from the rhizosphere of Citrus sp. Expand
Taxonomic and molecular identification of mesocriconema and criconemoides species (nematoda: criconematidae).
Populations of Mesocriconema curvatum, M. kirjanovae, M. onoense, M. ornatum, M. sphaerocephala, M. surinamense, M. vadense, M. xenoplax, and Criconemoides informis from different geographical areasExpand
Criconemella spp. in Pennsylvania Peach Orchards with Morphological Observations of C. curvata and C. ornata.
Criconemella xenoplax and C. curvata, previously associated with decline of peach trees in other parts of the United States, were found in 20 of 25 Pennsylvania peach orchards. Population densitiesExpand
Criconematina (nematoda: tylenchida) from the aleutian islands.
A new genus (Cerchnotocriconenta), three new species (C. psephinum, Hemicycliophora amchitkaensis, and Paratylenchns amundseni), and Seriespinula seymouri Wu (Mehta &Raski) De Grisse &Loof are reported from the islands. Expand
Status of the genera Macroposthonia, Criconemoides, Criconemella and Xenocriconemella (Criconematidae : Nematoda)
Critical esamination of the original data concerning Macroposthonia annulata, Criconemoides kirjanovae, C. morgensis and C. psrudohercyniensis led to the restoration of the latter as a valid spec. Expand
Bionematicides as an alternative to methyl bromide fumigation
Bionematicides can improve yield, growth, and vigor in walnut orchards infested with plant-parasitic nematodes. Expand