On the minimum of independent geometrically distributed random variables

  title={On the minimum of independent geometrically distributed random variables},
  author={Gianfranco Ciardo and Lawrence M Leemis and David M. Nicol},
  journal={Statistics \& Probability Letters},

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The part of the order-statistic algorithm for sampling with replacement from a finite sample can be used to perform exact bootstrapping analysis in certain applications, eliminating the need for replication in the analysis of a data set.

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The main contributions of this paper are to validate the infection times of the TNI model with respect to a complex scan-oriented model based on Code Red structure, and to empirically evaluate the variance in intuitive and commonly used metrics for worm detection.

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A stochastic modelling technique is used to formulate the performance of the TCP flow, based on its interaction with the underlying wireless medium, for a single TCP flow over a multi-hop wireless network with arbitrary number of hops.

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Exact Moments of the Order Statistics of the Geometric Distribution and Their Relation to Inverse Sampling and Reliability of Redundant Systems

Abstract Formulae for the first two moments of the order statistics from a geometric distribution are presented in closed form. Brief illustrative tables of the first two moments of the order

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This chapter reviews the main methods for generating random variables, vectors and processes in non-uniform random variate generation, and provides information on the expected time complexity of various algorithms before addressing modern topics such as indirectly specified distributions, random processes, and Markov chain methods.

A Characterization of the Geometric Distribution

(1965). A Characterization of the Geometric Distribution. The American Mathematical Monthly: Vol. 72, No. 3, pp. 256-260.

Probability and Statistics with Reliability, Queuing, and Computer Science Applications

Probability and Statistics with Reliability, Queuing and Computer Science Applications, Second Edition, offers a comprehensive introduction to probabiliby, stochastic processes, and statistics for

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