On the mechanisms involved in antinociception induced by diphenyl diselenide.

  title={On the mechanisms involved in antinociception induced by diphenyl diselenide.},
  author={Fabricio B Zasso and Carlos E P Goncales and Eduardo A C Jung and Dion{\'e}ia Araldi and Gilson Zeni and Jo{\~a}o Batista T Rocha and Cristina Wayne Nogueira},
  journal={Environmental toxicology and pharmacology},
  volume={19 2},
In this study, we described the local peripheral antinociceptive activity produced by diphenyl diselenide in the formalin test as compared to ebselen, an amply studied organoselenium compound. A second objective was to evaluate, the possible mechanisms underlying the antinociceptive effect caused by diphenyl diselenide. Administration of diphenyl diselenide or ebselen produced a significant antinociceptive local effect on the late phase (15-30min) of the formalin test. As well, diphenyl… CONTINUE READING

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