On the mathematical synthesis of equational logics

  title={On the mathematical synthesis of equational logics},
  author={Marcelo P. Fiore and Chung-Kil Hur},
  journal={Log. Methods Comput. Sci.},
  • M. FioreC. Hur
  • Published 15 July 2011
  • Mathematics
  • Log. Methods Comput. Sci.
We provide a mathematical theory and methodology for synthesising equational logics from algebraic metatheories. We illustrate our methodology by means of two applications: a rational reconstruction of Birkhoff's Equational Logic and a new equational logic for reasoning about algebraic structure with name-binding operators. 


The paper presents algebraic and logical developments. From the algebraic viewpoint, we introduce Monadic Equational Systems as an abstract enriched notion of equational presentation. From the

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We extend universal algebra and its equational logic from first to second order as follows.

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The following paper is a study of abstract algebras qua abstract algebras. As no vocabulary suitable for this purpose is current, I have been forced to use a number of new terms, and extend the

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Second-order equational logic

We extend universal algebra and its equational logic from first to second order as follows. 1. We consider second-order equational presentations as specified by identities between second-order terms,

A New Approach to Abstract Syntax with Variable Binding

Inductively defined FM-sets involving the name-abstraction set former can correctly encode syntax modulo renaming of bound variables, and the standard theory of algebraic data types can be extended to encompass signatures involving binding operators.


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    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
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Equi-inclination Weissenberg photographs were taken about the a axis with filtered CuKa radiation, using the multiple film technique, and a total of 2,511 reflections were indexed, of which 2,015 were nonzero, representing about 90 per cent of the data accessible in the copper sphere.