On the kinematics of zircon growth and its petrogenetic significance: a cathodoluminescence study

  title={On the kinematics of zircon growth and its petrogenetic significance: a cathodoluminescence study},
  author={Gerhard Vavra},
  journal={Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology},
  • G. Vavra
  • Published 1 December 1990
  • Geology, Materials Science
  • Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology
The relative growth rates of zircon crystal faces are recorded by growth zoning, which is recognizable in cathodoluminescence photographs of oriented crystal sections. The kinematics of zircon growth is graphically presented by the slopes of “Grabahnen” between crystal sectors. The relative velocities of advance of crystal faces correlate to the pattern of growth zoning. Widely spaced zoning, interrupted by surfaces of dissolution, on the one hand, and narrowly spaced uninterrupted oscillatory… 
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