On the joint distribution of pearson's X2 statistics

  title={On the joint distribution of pearson's X2 statistics},
  author={D. R. Jensen},
  journal={Scandinavian Actuarial Journal},
  • D. R. Jensen
  • Published 1974
  • Mathematics
  • Scandinavian Actuarial Journal
Abstract Let {X 2 N1, ..., X 2 Nr} be statistics of the type X 2 = Σ({O} − E)2/ E for testing mUltiple hypotheses in a categorical array of N objects. This study is concerned with the large-sample properties of the joint distribution of {X 2 N1, ..., X 2 Nr} when these cannot be assumed to be independent. The limiting form of the joint distribution is given explicitly under quite general conditions for a large class of joint distributions involving Pearson's statistics. In the case of tests for… Expand
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