On the instability of a topological game related to consonance

  title={On the instability of a topological game related to consonance},
  author={Francis Jordan},
  journal={Topology and its Applications},
  • F. Jordan
  • Published 15 February 2020
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • Topology and its Applications
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Complements of consonant spaces in complete spaces

  • F. Jordan
  • Mathematics
    Topology and its Applications
  • 2022



Topological Games and Alster Spaces

Abstract In this paper we study connections between topological games such as Rothberger, Menger, and compact-open games, and we relate these games to properties involving covers by ${{G}_{\delta }}$

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When do the upper Kuratowski topology (homeomorphically, Scott topology) and the co-compact topology coincide?

A topology is called consonant if the corresponding upper Kuratowski topology on closed sets coincides with the co-compact topology, equivalently if each Scott open set is compactly generated. It is

Set theory - an introduction to independence proofs

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    Studies in logic and the foundations of mathematics
  • 1983
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