On the inappropriate use of the naturalistic fallacy in evolutionary psychology

  title={On the inappropriate use of the naturalistic fallacy in evolutionary psychology},
  author={D. Wilson and E. Dietrich and A. B. Clark},
  journal={Biology and Philosophy},
  • D. Wilson, E. Dietrich, A. B. Clark
  • Published 2003
  • Biology
  • Biology and Philosophy
  • The naturalistic fallacy is mentionedfrequently by evolutionary psychologists as anerroneous way of thinking about the ethicalimplications of evolved behaviors. However,evolutionary psychologists are themselvesconfused about the naturalistic fallacy and useit inappropriately to forestall legitimateethical discussion. We briefly review what thenaturalistic fallacy is and why it is misusedby evolutionary psychologists. Then we attemptto show how the ethical implications of evolvedbehaviors can be… CONTINUE READING


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