On the immobilization of hartebeest and kob in Upper Volta.


24 hartebeests (Alcelaphus buselaphus major), one waterbuck (Kobus defassa) and 16 kobs (Kobus kob) were immobilized during field work in Upper Volta. The use of the newly developed piperidine derivative R 33799 at weight treated dosage levels can be strongly recommended for the immobilisation of hartebeest. In this species the drug produces a sufficient deep analgesia within a reasonable short period for all handling purposes. It is safe, has a wide therapeutic index, can be used in syringes of not more than 1 ml capacity and is quickly reversed by the antidote (nalorphine hydrobromide). No fatalities occurred. The limited number of kobs immobilized did not allow final conclusions to be drawn on the compatibility of the drug for this game species unless the central nervous side effects as described can be explained better and overcome. Further investigation should be undertaken to study the reaction of kob to lower dosages of R 33799 and other combinations of this analgesic with other neuroleptics. Nalorphine hydrobromide proved to be a useful antidote in hartebeest, but less effective in kob.

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