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On the ice

  title={On the ice},
  author={Peter Clarke and Warren Krupsaw},
Identifying key marine habitat sites for seabirds and sea ducks in the Canadian Arctic
The Canadian Arctic hosts millions of marine birds annually, many of which aggregate in large numbers at well-defined sites at predictable times of the year. Marine habitats in this region will be
‘By endurance we conquer’
The British polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance voyage (1914-16) was one of the last great feats of the ‘heroic age’ of exploration. In the 1990s, the story was suddenly rediscovered in
Derationalizing Delusions
It is argued that models of delusions need to include alteration to coalitional cognition—processes involved in affiliation, group perception, and the strategic management of relationships—which has the advantage of better accounting for both content (social themes) and form (fixity) of delusion.
The ice as leitmotif of a life: Erich von Drygalski, writings and photographs
Abstract Professional scientist-geographer Erich von Drygalski led the first German expedition to Antarctica in 1901–1903. The expedition saw itself as purely scientific, which turned out to be at
Antarctica in children's literature
For over a century, British authors have been writing about the Antarctic for child audiences, and yet Antarctic literature for children has never been considered as a unique body of work or given
L'Antartide nell'immaginario inglese : spazio geografico e rappresentazione letteraria
Spazio geografico e rappresentazione letteraria Mettendo in rilievo le contiguita disciplinari esistenti fra studi territoriali e studi letterari, il volume esamina le rappresentazioni dell’Antartide
Media Environments Icebergs/Screens/History
Icebergs, at present, are living a second life on screens. While they are one of the natural world’s most photogenic objects, icebergs are also subject to modes of representation through parametric
Skating on the Border: Hockey, Class, and Commercialism in Interwar Britain
This article considers the development of hockey in Britain from its emergence in the mid-nineteenth century to the commercial heyday of the 1930s. At the same time the article discusses the
Gondwana's promises: German geologists in Antarctica between basic science and resource exploration in the late 1970s
»Gondwanas Versprechen: Deutsche Geologen in der Antarktis zwischen Grundlagenforschung und Rohstoffsuche in den späten 1970er Jahren«. The 1970s was a crucial period of transition in polar science,