On the homology of locally compact spaces with ends

  title={On the homology of locally compact spaces with ends},
  author={Reinhard Diestel and Philipp Sprussel},
  journal={Topology and its Applications},

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A new singular-type homology for non-compact spaces with ends is constructed, which in dimension 1 captures precisely the topological cycle space of graphs but works in any dimension.
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A new ‘singular’ approach is presented that builds the cycle space of a graph not on its finite cycles but on its topological circles, the homeomorphic images of $S^1$ in the space formed by the graph together with its ends.
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This work shows that obstructions fall away when duality is reinterpreted on the basis of a ‘singular’ approach to graph homology, whose cycles are defined topologically in a space formed by the graph together with its ends and can be infinite.
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It is shown that if Seymour’s faithful cycle cover conjecture is true for finite graphs then it also holds for locally finite graphs when infinite cyles are allowed in the cover, but not otherwise.
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We prove that the topological cycle space C(G) of a locally finite graph G is generated by its geodetic topological circles. We further show that, although the finite cycles of G generate C(G), its