On the history of political diversity in social psychology.

  title={On the history of political diversity in social psychology.},
  author={Kevin R. Binning and David O. Sears},
  journal={The Behavioral and brain sciences},
We argue that the history of political diversity in social psychology may be better characterized by stability than by a large shift toward liberalism. The branch of social psychology that focuses on political issues has defined social problems from a liberal perspective since at least the 1930s. Although a lack of ideological diversity within the discipline can pose many of the problems noted by Duarte et al., we suggest that these problems (a) are less apparent when the insights of social… 



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The incentives in social psychology are to produce novel theories, leading to a proliferation of theories in our major journals

  • However, oftentimes new theoretical constructs are merely old constructs with new branding
  • 2014

Psychologists study many everyday behaviors and phenomena leading us to name our constructs with everyday words

  • This also leads to a situation where we give the same name to a variety of different phenomena that are not interchangeable. For example, intentions can mean many different things, and only by specifying the precise type of intentions
  • 2014