On the higher efficiency of parallel Reed-Solomon turbo-decoding


—In this paper, we demonstrate the higher hardware ef ciency of Reed-Solomon (RS) parallel turbo decoding compared with BCH parallel turbo decoding. Based on an innovative architecture, this is the rst implementation of fully parallel RS turbo decoder. A performance analysis is performed showing that RS Block Turbo Codes (RS-BTC) have decoding performance equivalent to Bose Ray-Chaudhuri Hocquenghem-Block Turbo Codes (BCH-BTC). A ratio between the decoder throughput and the decoder area is used to show the higher ef ciency of the RS full parallel turbo decoder. Finally an implementation of a (31,29) RS block turbo decoder on a high performance board including 6 Xilinx Virtex5 FPGAs is detailed. The resulting turbo decoder has an information throughput above 6Gb/s while the working frequency is only 45MHz. It shows that RS BTC are an attractive solution for low cost Gb/s ber optical communications.

DOI: 10.1109/ICECS.2008.4675100

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