On the generalized large set of Kasami sequences


In this paper, we present a new family of binary Kasami sequences of length 2 n − 1 for even integer n = 2m. It generalizes the recently proposed large set $${\mathcal{F}^{(l)}}$$ of Kasami sequences by relaxing the restriction on l to a more general case. The presented sequence family takes five nontrival correlation values −1, −1 ± 2 m , −1 ± 2m + gcd(m,l), and has family size 23m  + 2 m or 23m  + 2 m −1. We also completely determine the distribution of these correlation values.

DOI: 10.1007/s00200-010-0131-3

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@article{Jiang2010OnTG, title={On the generalized large set of Kasami sequences}, author={Wenfeng Jiang and Lei Hu and Xiangyong Zeng}, journal={Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing}, year={2010}, volume={21}, pages={417-441} }