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On the generalisation of Roth's theorem

  title={On the generalisation of Roth's theorem},
  author={Paolo Dolce and Francesco Zucconi},
We present two possible generalisations of Roth’s approximation theorem on proper adelic curves, assuming some technical conditions on the behavior of the logarithmic absolute values. We illustrate how tightening such assumptions makes our inequalities stronger. As special cases we recover Corvaja’s results [Cor97] for fields admitting a product formula, and Vojta’s ones [Voj21] for arithmetic function fields. the following: 


Some quantitative results related to Roth's Theorem
  • A. J. Poorten
  • Mathematics
    Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society. Series A. Pure Mathematics and Statistics
  • 1988
Abstract We employ the Dyson's Lemma of Esnault and Viehweg to obtain a new and sharp formulation of Roth's Theorem on the approximation of algebraic numbers by algebraic numbers and apply our
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On Roth's theorem. The celebrated theorem of Roth, together with its generalizations given by Mahler and Ridout, gives a lower bound for the degree of approximation of one or more algebraic numbers
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It was proved by Roth in a recent paper that if α is any real algebraic number, and if K > 2, then the inequality has only a finite number of solutions in relatively prime integers p, q ( q > 0) The
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Roth's theorem is extended to finitely generated field extensions of $\Bbb Q$, using Moriwaki's framework for heights.
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has only finitely many solutions. Roth’s proof is by contradiction. Assuming that (1.1) has infinitely many solutions, Roth constructed an auxiliary polynomial in a large number of variables, k say,
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Siegel's lemma and heights.- Diophantine approximation.- The thue equation.- S-unit equations and hyperelliptic equations.- Diophantine equations in more than two variables.
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I. Heights II. Weil heights III. Linear tori IV. Small points V. The unit equation VI. Roth's theorem VII. The subspace theorem VIII. Abelian varieties IX. Neron-Tate heights X. The Mordell-Weil
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