On the fluid structure interaction of a marine cycloidal propeller

  title={On the fluid structure interaction of a marine cycloidal propeller},
  author={J Jose Prabhu and Vishwanath Nagarajan and Mahmood Reaz Sunny and O. P. Sha},
Abstract Marine cycloidal propulsion system is efficient in maneuvering ships like tugs, ferries, etc. It is capable of vectoring thrust in all direction in a horizontal plane. When used in pair, the system enables a vessel to perform maneuvers like moving sideways, perform rotation about a point, i.e. turning diameter of its own length, etc. In this system, the propeller blades have to change their angle of attack at different angular position of the disc. Due to this reason, the inflow… CONTINUE READING


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Research on Thrust Allocation of Dynamic Positioning Ship with Cycloidal Propeller

  • 2018 37th Chinese Control Conference (CCC)
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