On the flat spacetime Galileons and the Born–Infeld type structures

  title={On the flat spacetime Galileons and the Born–Infeld type structures},
  author={Cuauhtemoc Campuzano and Rub{\'e}n Cordero and Miguel Cruz and Efra{\'i}n Rojas},
  journal={International Journal of Modern Physics D},
We show how the flat spacetime Galileon field theories (FSGFT) in arbitrary dimensions can be obtained through a Born–Infeld (BI) type structure. This construction involves a brane metric and nonlinear combinations of derivatives of a scalar field. Our setup gives rise to some Galileon tensors and vectors useful for the variational analysis which are related to the momentum density of the probe Lovelock branes floating in a N-dimensional flat bulk. We find further that the Noether currents… 



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