On the finding of a rare species—Norwegian pollock Theragra finnmarchica Koefoed, 1956 (Gadidae)—in the Barents Sea

  title={On the finding of a rare species—Norwegian pollock Theragra finnmarchica Koefoed, 1956 (Gadidae)—in the Barents Sea},
  author={A. M. Privalikhin and G. V. Norvillo},
  journal={Journal of Ichthyology},
A description of a rare representative of the family Gadidae—the Norwegian pollock Theragra finnmarchica Koefoed, 1956—is given. The Norwegian pollock caught in November 2004 in the Barents Sea off Nadezhda Island is the first individual of this species officially recorded in Russia. At the present time, reliable information is available about 42 caught individuals of this species. A review was performed of evidence on the history of study and modern concepts of the origin, biology, and… 

Walleye pollock Gadus chalcogrammus Pallas, 1814 found north of Spitsbergen indicates a Pacific-Atlantic connection in the species

A small female walleye pollock Gadus chalcogrammus Pallas, 1814 was caught north of Spitsbergen in2011, indicating a Pacific origin, which is the first evidence of a possible input to the small Atlantic population of walleyes from the large populations on the Pacific side.

Walleye Pollock Gadus chalcogrammus, a Species with Continuous Range from the Norwegian Sea to Korea, Japan, and California: New Records from the Siberian Arctic

The first records of walleye pollock Gadus chalcogrammus Pallas, 1814 in the seas of the Siberian Arctic (the Laptev Sea, the Kara Sea, the southeastern Barents Sea), are documented. Information

Biodiversity of arctic marine fishes: taxonomy and zoogeography

Taxonomic and distributional information on each fish species found in arctic marine waters is reviewed, and a list of families and species with commentary on distributional records is presented. The

Divergence in skeletal mass and bone morphology in antarctic notothenioid fishes

Gross, histological, and micro‐CT documentation of the structure and location of bone and cartilage in skulls, pectoral girdles, and vertebrae is provided, with emphasis on the bovichtid B. diacanthus, the eleginopsid E. maclovinus, and the channichthyid Chaenodraco wilsoni.

Divergence of brain and retinal anatomy and histology in pelagic antarctic notothenioid fishes of the sister taxa Dissostichus and Pleuragramma

Although Dissostichus and Pleuragramma are sympatric in the water column, their brains and retinae are highly divergent and reflect the influences of both phylogeny and ecological partitioning of the pelagic realm.

Atlantic fishes in the Chukchi Borderland

With the retreat of the Arctic sea ice in September 2009, the Russian–American Long-Term Census of the Arctic (RUSALCA) expedition reached north of the U.S. 200-mile limit to the Chukchi Borderland,

Transoceanic Migrations of Fishlike Animals and Fish: Norm or Exclusion?

Abstract The paper presents an overview of data based on the analysis of published information concerning the transoceanic migrations of lampreys (Petromyzontidae), sharks (Selachii), and

Postglacial Colonization of the North European Seas by Pacific Fishes and Lamprey

A critical analysis of literature data on the distribution, morphology, and phylogeography of the Arctic lamprey (Lethenteron camtschaticum) and five species of marine and anadromous fish such as

New data on distribution of Norwegian (Atlantic) pollock Theragra finnmarchica (Gadidae) in the Barents Sea

New data have been acquired on the biology, morphological features and distribution of Norwegian (Atlantic) pollock Theragra finnmarchica in the Barents Sea. Two individuals of this rare species



The occurrence of Theragra finnmarchicaKoefoed, 1956(Teleostei, Gadidae), 1932–2004

Ten specimens of the codfish Theragra finnmarchica (Teleostei, Gadidae) were known to science until 2003. Collections of 31 additional specimens made off north Norway between February 2003 and April

The taxonomic status of Theragra finnmarchica Koefoed, 1956 (Teleostei: Gadidae): perspectives from morphological and molecular data

The gadoid fishes Theragra finnmarchica from the coast of northern Norway and Theragra chalcogramma from the north-east Pacific could not be taxonomically discriminated by sequencing the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase I (COI) gene, but all examined characters overlapped between the two taxa, except the number of pyloric caeca.

Gadiform fishes of the world (Order gadiformes) : an annotated and illustrated catalogue of cods, hakes, grenadiers and other gadiform fishes known to date

This volume covers all 93 genera currently recognized in the order Ophidiiformes (pearlfishes, cusk-eels, brotulas and allies) and includes a glossary of technical terms, general remarks on the order, identification keys from the suborder to the species level, detailed genera accounts, and a table of species by major fishing areas.

Fish types in the zoological museum, university of Bergen, Norway

This list of the types of 72 species has been compiled and includes the fishes described on material from the Michael Sars North Atlantic Deep Sea Expedition.


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The ontogeny of inter-and intrasexual vocal muscle dimorphisms in a sound-producing fish and the effects of stimulus level and depth of modulation are studied.

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