On the extension of L 2 holomorphic functions V-Effects of generalization

  title={On the extension of L 2 holomorphic functions V-Effects of generalization},
  author={Takeo Ohsawa},
  journal={Nagoya Mathematical Journal},
  pages={1 - 21}
  • T. Ohsawa
  • Published 1 March 2001
  • Mathematics
  • Nagoya Mathematical Journal
A general extension theorem for L 2 holomorphic bundle-valued top forms is formulated. Although its proof is based on a principle similar to Ohsawa-Takegoshi’s extension theorem, it explains previous L 2 extendability results systematically and bridges extension theory and division theory. 
On the extension of L2 holomorphic functions VIII — a remark on a theorem of Guan and Zhou
An optimal L2 extension theorem for the bundle-valued holomorphic sections over Stein manifolds is proved as a geometric reformulation of a theorem of Guan and Zhou. As an application, a new sharp L2
Analytic inversion of adjunction: L^2 extension theorems with gain
We establish new results on weighted $L^2$ extension of holomorphic top forms with values in a holomorphic line bundle, from a smooth hypersurface cut out by a holomorphic function. The weights we
Extension of holomorphic functions defined on non reduced analytic subvarieties
The goal of this contribution is to investigate L² extension properties for holomorphic sections of vector bundles satisfying weak semi-positivity properties. Using techniques borrowed from recent
Remarks on $L^2$-jet extension and extension of singular Hermitian metric with semipositive curvature
We give a new variant of $L^2$-extension theorem for the jets of holomorphic sections and discuss the relation between the extension problem of singular Hermitian metrics with semipositive curvature.
On the L2-extension of twisted holomorphic sections of singular hermitian line bundles
We prove a sharp Ohsawa–Takegoshi–Manivel type L2-extension result for twisted holomorphic sections of singular hermitian line bundles over almost Stein manifolds. We establish as corollaries some
Extension with growth estimates of holomorphic functions defined on singular analytic spaces
Let D be a strictly convex domain and X be a singular analytic subset of C^2 such that the intersection of X and D is non empty. We give conditions under which a function holomophic on the
A Characterization of regular points by $L^2$ Extension Theorem
In this article, we present that the germ of a complex analytic set at the origin in $\mathbb{C}^n$ is regular if and only if the related $L^2$ extension theorem holds. We also obtain a necessary
H p and L p Extensions of Holomorphic Functions from Subvarieties to Some Convex Domains
Using the integral formula for holomorphic functions in subvarieties, we study the extension of holomorphic functions from subvarieties to convex domains in some function spaces.


On interpolation and sampling in Hilbert spaces of analytic functions.
In this paper we give new proofs of some theorems due to Seip, Seip-Wallsten and Lyubarskii-Seip on sequences of interpolation and sampling for spaces of analytic functions that are square
The Existence of Right Inverses of Residue Homomorphisms
Let X be a complex manifold of dimension n and let E→ X be a holomorphic vector bundle. Given a complex submanifold Y⊂X of codimension 1, let res Y,E be the residue homomorphism from H n,0 (X\ Y, E)
On Complete Kähler Domains with C1-Boundary
In the study of several complex variables the problem of characterizing Stein manifolds by their geometric properties has been one of the central topics since Oka showed that every pseudoconvex
The Oka-Grauert principle without induction over the base dimension
We give a new proof of Grauert’s theorem on Oka’s principle [Gra1, Gra2, Gra3] (see also [C]) in the case of (smooth) Stein manifolds, which does not use induction over the base dimension. Instead we
On the Bergman kernel of hyperconvex domains
Let D be a bounded pseudoconvex domain in CΓ, and let KD (z, w) be the Bergman kernel function of D. The boundary behavior of KD(z, w), or that of KD (z, z), has attracted a lot of attention because
Density theorems for sampling and interpolation in the Bargmann-Fock space I
We give a complete description of sampling and interpolation in the Bargmann-Fock space, based on a density concept of Beurling. Roughly speaking, a discrete set is a set of sampling if and only if
Capacities and kernels on Riemann surfaces
Let K(z, z), cp(z) and c~(z) be the values of the Bergman kernel, the capacity, and the analytic capacity, on an open Riemann surface 12 (with respect to a fixed local parameter z). The following
Beurling type density theorems in the unit disk
SummaryWe consider two equivalent density concepts for the unit disk that provide a complete description of sampling and interpolation inA−n (the Banach space of functionsf analytic in the unit disk
Morphismes surjectifs de fibrés vectoriels semi-positifs
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