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On the existence of topologies compatible with a group duality with predetermined properties

  title={On the existence of topologies compatible with a group duality with predetermined properties},
  author={T. Borsich and Xabier Dom'inguez and Elena Mart'in-Peinador},
The paper deals with group dualities. A group duality is simply a pair (G,H) where G is an abstract abelian group and H a subgroup of characters defined on G. A group topology τ defined on G is compatible with the group duality (also called dual pair) (G,H) if G equipped with τ has dual group H. A topological group (G, τ) gives rise to the natural duality (G,G), where G stands for the group of continuous characters on G. We prove that the existence of a g-barrelled topology on G compatible with… Expand


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