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On the existence of flips

  title={On the existence of flips},
  author={Christopher D. Hacon and James McKernan},
  journal={arXiv: Algebraic Geometry},
We prove the existence of flips in dimension n, contingent on the termination of real flips in dimension n-1. 
Existence of minimal models for varieties of log general type
Assuming finite generation in dimension n − 1, we prove that pl-flips exist in dimension n.
Introduction to the Minimal Model Program and the existence of flips
The first aim of this note is to give a concise, but complete and self-contained, presentation of the fundamental theorems of Mori theory - the nonvanishing, base point free, rationality and coneExpand
On a comparison of minimal log discrepancies in terms of motivic integration
Abstract We formulate a comparison of minimal log discrepancies of a variety and its ambient space with appropriate boundaries in terms of motivic integration. It was obtained also by Ein and MustaţăExpand
Restrictions of log canonical algebras of general type
We introduce a diophantine property of a log canonical algebra, and use it to describe the restriction of a log canonical algebra of general type to a log canonical center of codimension one.
Flips for 3-folds and 4-folds
1. Introduction 2. 3-fold flips after Shokurov 3. What is log terminal? 4. Special termination and reduction to pl flips 5. Extension theorems and the existence of flips 6. Saturated mobileExpand
Exercises in the birational geometry of algebraic varieties
This a collection of about 100 exercises. It could be used as a supplement to the book Koll\'ar--Mori: Birational geometry of algebraic varieties.
Termination of (many) 4-dimensional log flips
We prove that any sequence of 4-dimensional log flips that begins with a klt pair (X,D) such that -(KX+D) is numerically equivalent to an effective divisor, terminates. This implies termination ofExpand
Extension of sections via adjoint ideals
We prove theorems on extending sections of line bundles from divisors to the ambient space, inspired by various results of Siu, Kawamata, and especially Hacon–McKernan and Takayama. We includeExpand
Letters of a Bi-rationalist. VII Ordered termination
To construct a resulting model in the LMMP, it is sufficient to prove the existence of log flips and their termination for some sequences. We prove that the LMMP in dimension d − 1 and theExpand
On existence of log minimal models
  • C. Birkar
  • Mathematics
  • Compositio Mathematica
  • 2010
Abstract In this paper, we prove that the log minimal model program in dimension d−1 implies the existence of log minimal models for effective lc pairs (e.g. of non-negative Kodaira dimension) inExpand


On the extension problem of pluricanonical forms
We review some recent development on the extension problem of pluricanonical forms from a divisor to the ambient space in [Si], [K5] and [N3] with simplified proofs.
We prove that 3-fold log flips exist. We deduce the existence of log canonical and -factorial log terminal models, as well as a positive answer to the inversion problem for log canonical and logExpand
ACC for log canonical thresholds and termination of log flips
We prove that the ascending chain condition (ACC) for log canonical (lc) thresholds in dimension $d$ and Special Termination in dimension $d$ imply the termination of any sequence of log flipsExpand
Invariance of plurigenera
In this paper we give a proof of the following long conjectured result on the invariance of the plurigenera. Main Theorem. Let p : X ! D be a smooth projective family of compact complex manifoldsExpand
Boundedness of pluricanonical maps of varieties of general type
Using the techniques of [20] and [10], we prove that certain log forms may be lifted from a divisor to the ambient variety. As a consequence of this result, following [22], we show that: For anyExpand
Minimal models and the Kodaira dimension of algebraic fiber spaces.
(litaka [21]). In 1977, the first affirmative answer to this conjecture in the case where dimX = dimS + l was given by E. Viehweg [47] by extending the method of Ueno [44]. From this result ViehwegExpand
Flip theorem and the existence of minimal models for 3-folds
§ O. Introduction § I. Preliminaries and basic definitions § la (Appendix la). Results on 3-fold terminal singularities § Ib (Appendix Ib). Deformation of extremal nbds § 2. Numerical invariantsExpand
Classical setting : line bundles and linear series
Notation and Conventions.- One: Ample Line Bundles and Linear Series.- to Part One.- 1 Ample and Nef Line Bundles.- 2 Linear Series.- 3 Geometric Manifestations of Positivity.- 4 Vanishing Theorems.-Expand
Shokurov, 3–fold log flips
  • Russian Acad. Sci. Izv. Math
  • 1993