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On the existence and approximation of a dissipating feedback

  title={On the existence and approximation of a dissipating feedback},
  author={Nicola Guglielmi and Valeria Simoncini},
  journal={arXiv: Optimization and Control},
Given a matrix $A\in \R^{n\times n}$ and a tall rectangular matrix $B \in \R^{n\times q}$, $q < n$, we consider the problem of making the pair $(A,B)$ dissipative, that is the determination of a {\it feedback} matrix $K \in \R^{q\times n}$ such that the field of values of $A-B K$ lies in the left half open complex plane. We review and expand classical results available in the literature on the existence and parameterization of the class of dissipating matrices, and we explore new matrix… Expand
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