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On the equivariant cohomology of cohomogeneity one Alexandrov spaces

  title={On the equivariant cohomology of cohomogeneity one Alexandrov spaces},
  author={Manuel Amann and Masoumeh Zarei},
  journal={arXiv: Differential Geometry},
We give a characterization of those Alexandrov spaces admitting a cohomogeneity one action of a compact connected Lie group $G$ for which the action is Cohen--Macaulay. This generalizes a similar result for manifolds to the singular setting of Alexandrov spaces where, in contrast to the manifold case, we find several actions which are not Cohen--Macaulay. In fact, we present results in a slightly more general context. We extend the methods in this field by a conceptual approach on equivariant… 
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We obtain an equivariant classification for orientable, closed, four-dimensional Alexandrov spaces admitting an isometric torus action. This generalizes the equivariant classification of Orlik and
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  • Manuel Amann
  • Mathematics
    Jahresbericht der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung
  • 2020
In this survey article we exemplarily illustrate implications of curvature assumptions on the topology of the underlying manifold. We shall mainly focus on sectional curvature and three different


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