On the equivalence of Beukers-type and Sorokin-type multiple integrals

  title={On the equivalence of Beukers-type and Sorokin-type multiple integrals},
  author={Carlo Viola},
  journal={Journal of Mathematical Sciences},
  • C. Viola
  • Published 2012
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Mathematical Sciences
It is well known that a triple Beukers-type integral, as defined by G. Rhin and C. Viola, can be transformed into a suitable triple Sorokin-type integral. I will discuss possible extensions to the n-dimensional case of a similar equivalence between suitably defined Beukers-type and Sorokin-type multiple integrals, with consequences on the arithmetical structure of such integrals as linear combinations of zeta-values with rational coefficients. 
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