On the energy momentum dispersion in the lattice regularization

  title={On the energy momentum dispersion in the lattice regularization},
  author={Bernd A. Berg and Zachary A. McDargh},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
A bstractFor a free scalar boson field and for U(1) gauge theory finite volume (infrared) and other corrections to the energy-momentum dispersion in the lattice regularization are investigated calculating energy eigenstates from the fall off behavior of two-point correlation functions. For small lattices the squared dispersion energy defined by $ E_{{\mathrm{dis}\hbox{,}\overrightarrow{k}}}^2=E_{\overrightarrow{k}}^2-E_0^2-4\sum {_{i=1}^{d-1 }} \sin {{\left( {{k_i}/2} \right)}^2} $ is in both… 



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