On the empirical distribution of eigenvalues of a class of large dimensional random matrices

  title={On the empirical distribution of eigenvalues of a class of large dimensional random matrices},
  author={Jack W. Silverstein and Zhidong Bai},
  journal={Journal of Multivariate Analysis},
A stronger result on the limiting distribution of the eigenvalues of random Hermitian matrices of the form A + XTX*, originally studied in Marcenko and Pastur, is presented. Here, X(N - n), T(n - n), and A(N - N) are independent, with X containing i.i.d. entries having finite second moments, T is diagonal with real (diagonal) entries, A is Hermitian, and n/N --> c > 0 as N --> [infinity]. Under additional assumptions on the eigenvalues of A and T, almost sure convergence of the empirical… 
Strong convergence of the empirical distribution of eigenvalues of large dimensional random matrices
Let X be n - N containing i.i.d. complex entries with E X11 - EX112 = 1, and T an n - n random Hermitian nonnegative definite, independent of X. Assume, almost surely, as n --> [infinity], the
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We consider n × n real symmetric and hermitian random matrices Hn that are sums of a non-random matrix H n and of mn rank-one matrices determined by i.i.d. isotropic random vectors with log-concave
No eigenvalues outside the support of the limiting spectral distribution of large-dimensional sample covariance matrices
Let B n = (1/N)T n 1/2 X n X n *Tn 1/2 , where X n is n x N with i.i.d. complex standardized entries having finite fourth moment and T n 1/2 is a Hermitian square root of the nonnegative definite
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Results on the analytic behavior of the limiting spectral distribution of matrices of sample covariance type, studied in Marcenko and Pastur [2] and Yin [8], are derived. Through an equation defining


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In this paper we study the distribution of eigenvalues for two sets of random Hermitian matrices and one set of random unitary matrices. The statement of the problem as well as its method of
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The theoretical analysis presented focuses on the splitting of the spectrum of sample covariance matrix into noise and signal eigenvalues and it is shown that when the number of sensors is large thenumber of signals can be estimated with a sample size considerably less than that required by previous approaches.
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