On the eigenstructure assignment of delay-differential systems

  title={On the eigenstructure assignment of delay-differential systems},
  author={Mohamed Salah Boudellioua},
  journal={The International Journal of Contemporary Mathematical Sciences},
  • M. S. Boudellioua
  • Published 2007
  • Mathematics
  • The International Journal of Contemporary Mathematical Sciences
Department of Mathematics and Statistics Sultan Qaboos University P.O. Box 36, Al-Khodh, 123, Oman boudell@squ.edu.om Abstract A standard canonical form is established for a class of neutral delaydifferential systems. It is shown that strict system equivalence provides the connection between a given strongly controllable polynomial system matrix and the resulting canonical form. Using this canonical form, an algorithm is given for the eigenstructure assignment of a class of neutral delay… 
Computation of a canonical form for neutral delay-differential systems
Abstract: In this paper, symbolic computation techniques are used to obtain a canonical form for polynomial matrices arising from linear delay-differential systems of the neutral type. The canonical


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During the last twenty years the theory of linear algebraic and high-order differential equation systems has been greatly researched and the structure of such systems is well understood.
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A several complex variables approach to feedback stabilization of linear neutral delay-differential systems
A solution to the problem of uniform asymptotic stabilization of neutral delay differential systems by a suitable choice of linear feedback law is presented using complex analysis in several variables in a Banach algebra context and a graphical criterion, in the spirit of the multi-dimensional Nyquist theory, is presented for formal stability of D.
On an operator theory of linear systems with pure and distributed delays
  • E. Kamen
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    1975 IEEE Conference on Decision and Control including the 14th Symposium on Adaptive Processes
  • 1975
A representation theory based on convolution operations is developed for a large class of linear systems containing pure and distributed delays in state and control. In terms of this framework a
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It is shown that Ho's algorithm and an algorithm due to Zeiger can be generalized to the ring case and a recursive realization algorithm, including some results concerning the partial realization problem, is presented.
Further observations concerning the strict system equivalence of polynomial system matrices over R[s,z]
Abstract Previous studies concerning the strict equivalence of polynomial system matrices over ℝ[s, z] are continued, with particular reference to conditions under which particular forms of such
Topics in Multidimensional Linear Systems Theory
approche comportementale # causalite # systeme lineaire multidimensionnel # factorisation de nombres premiers # matrice rationnelle multivariee # controlabilite # trajectoire concatenable #
State-space and multivariable theory,
Boudellioua, Further observations concerning the strict system equivalence of polynomial matrices over R[s, z
  • Int. J. Control,
  • 1989