On the economic impacts of constraining second home investments

  title={On the economic impacts of constraining second home investments},
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Rich Buyers and Rental Spillovers: Evidence from Chinese Buyers in US Housing Markets
The influx of rich real-estate buyers into local housing markets would increase house prices, but the spillover effect onto rental prices is theoretically ambiguous. I estimate rich buyers’ impact
Effect of Ownership Composition on Property Prices and Rents: Evidence from Chinese Investment Boom in US Housing Markets
A capital influx into local housing markets would be expected to increase house prices, but the spillover effect onto rental prices is theoretically ambiguous. I estimate both price impacts in U.S.
How Short-Term Rentals are Changing the Neighborhood
  • M. Wrede
  • Economics
    International Regional Science Review
  • 2022
This paper examines how short-term rentals are changing living conditions and the composition of the population in affected parts of a town. First, to analyze the relation between quality, distance,
Housing Access and Affordability in Rural England: Tackling Inequalities Through Upstream Reform or Downstream Intervention?
ABSTRACT A combination of development constraint, low wages in seasonal employment and market intrusion by more affluent households generates housing access and affordability difficulties in many
Quantifying Land Use Regulation and its Determinants-Ease of Residential Development across Swiss Municipalities
We analyze land use regulation and the determinants thereof across the majority of Swiss municipalities. Based on a comprehensive survey, we construct several indices on the ease of local residential
Living in more than one place: capturing dual-local lives in the 2026 Census
The concept of “usual residence” is central to the collection of population data in the Australian Census of Population and Housing and the basis of Australia’s official population statistic, the
İkinci Konut Sahiplerinin İkincil Konut Turizmine Yönelik Algılarının Belirlenmesi Üzerine Bir Araştırma (A Research on the Determination of Perceptions of Second Home Owners towards Secondary Housing Tourism)
Bu araştırmada Edremit'te ikinci konut sahibi bireylerin; ikincil konut turizmine yönelik algılarını tespit etmek ve ikincil konut turizmine katılım sebeplerinin neler olduğunun belirlenmesi


The Impact of Supply Constraints on House Prices in England
We test the theoretical prediction that house prices respond more strongly to changes in local earnings in places with tight supply constraints using a unique panel dataset of 353 Local Planning
The Effect of Foreign Investors on Local Housing Markets: Evidence from the UK
I use newly-released administrative data on properties owned by overseas companies to study the effect of foreign investment on the housing market in England and Wales. To estimate the causal effect,
The Value of School Facility Investments: Evidence from a Dynamic Regression Discontinuity Design
Despite extensive public infrastructure spending, surprisingly little is known about its economic return. In this paper, we estimate the value of school facility investments using housing markets:
Real Estate as a Luxury Good: Non-Resident Demand and Property Prices in Paris
This paper examines how the international demand for luxury consumption affects the real estate market in global hotspots. Using a unique data set of housing transactions in Paris, we find that (i)
Out-of-Town Home Buyers and City Welfare
The major cities of the world have attracted a flurry of out-of-town (OOT) home buyers. Such capital inflows affect housing affordability, the spatial distribution of residents, construction, labor
Wages, Rents, and the Quality of Life
  • J. Roback
  • Economics
    Journal of Political Economy
  • 1982
This study focuses on the role of wages and rents in allocating workers to locations with various quantities of amenities. The theory demonstrates that if the amenity is also productive, then the
Speculators and Middlemen: The Role of Intermediaries in the Housing Market
We document and study the strategy and performance of two distinct types of investors in Los Angeles between 1988-2009 who purchased homes with the intention of quickly re-selling: middlemen buy at
Misinformed Speculators and Mispricing in the Housing Market
This paper examines the contribution of out-of-town second-house buyers to mispricing in the housing market. We show that demand from out-of-town second-house buyers during the mid 2000s predicted
Superstar Cities
Differences in house price and income growth rates between 1950 and 2000 across metropolitan areas have led to an ever-widening gap in housing values and incomes between the typical and