On the domain of the Nelson Hamiltonian

  title={On the domain of the Nelson Hamiltonian},
  author={Marcel Griesemer and A. David Wunsch},
  journal={arXiv: Mathematical Physics},
The Nelson Hamiltonian is unitarily equivalent to a Hamiltonian defined through a closed, semibounded quadratic form, the unitary transformation being explicitly known and due to Gross. In this paper we study mapping properties of the Gross-transform in order to characterize regularity properties of vectors in the form domain of the Nelson Hamiltonian. Since the operator domain is a subset of the form domain, our results apply to vectors in the domain of the Hamiltonian was well. - This work is… 
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On the semigroup generated by the renormalized Nelson Hamiltonian
  • T. Miyao
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Functional Analysis
  • 2019
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