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On the differentiability of interval functions

  title={On the differentiability of interval functions},
  author={Walter F. Mascarenhas},
Two articles published by Information Sciences discuss the derivatives of interval functions in the sense of Svetoslav Markov. The authors of these articles tried to characterize for which functions and points such derivatives exist. Unfortunately, their characterization is inaccurate. This article describes this inaccuracy and explains how it can be corrected. 


Optimality conditions for generalized differentiable interval-valued functions
In this paper we study the optimal solutions set for a generalized differentiable interval-valued function. Necessary and sufficient optimality conditions are established for gH-differentiable
Calculus for interval functions of a real variable
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Some properties of the algebraical system , where is the well known quasinear interval space and “−” is a nonstandard operation such thata−a=o, are given in this paper. The an elementary calculus
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