On the design and multiplierless realization of perfect reconstruction triplet-based FIR filter banks and wavelet bases


This paper proposes new methods for the efficient design and realization of perfect reconstruction (PR) two-channel finite-impulse response (FIR) triplet filter banks (FBs) and wavelet bases. It extends the linear-phase FIR triplet FBs of Ansari et al. to include FIR triplet FBs with lower system delay and a prescribed order of regularity. The design problem using either the minimax error or least-squares criteria is formulated as a semidefinite programming problem, which is a very flexible framework to incorporate linear and convex quadratic constraints. The regularity conditions are also expressed as a set of linear equality constraints in the variables to be optimized and they are structurally imposed into the design problem by eliminating the redundant variables. The design method is applicable to linear-phase as well as low-delay triplet FBs. Design examples are given to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method. Furthermore, it was found that the analysis and synthesis filters of the triplet FB have a more symmetric frequency responses. This property is exploited to construct a class of PR -channel uniform FBs and wavelets with = 2 , where is a positive integer, using a particular tree structure. The filter lengths of the two-channel FBs down the tree are approximately reduced by a factor of two at each level or stage, while the transition bandwidths are successively increased by the same factor. Because of the downsampling operations, the frequency responses of the final analysis filters closely resemble those in a uniform FB with identical transition bandwidth. This triplet-based uniform -channel FB has very low design complexity and the PR condition and regularity conditions are structurally imposed. Furthermore, it has considerably lower arithmetic complexity and system delay than conventional tree structure using identical FB at all levels. The multiplierless realization of these FBs using sum-of-power-of-two (SOPOT) coefficients and multiplier block is also studied.

DOI: 10.1109/TCSI.2004.832795

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