On the cytocompatibility of biodegradable Fe-based alloys.

  title={On the cytocompatibility of biodegradable Fe-based alloys.},
  author={Michael Schinhammer and Isabel Gerber and Anja C H{\"a}nzi and Peter J. Uggowitzer},
  journal={Materials science & engineering. C, Materials for biological applications},
  volume={33 2},
Biodegradable iron-based alloys are potential candidates for application as temporary implant material. This study summarizes the design strategy applied in the development of biodegradable Fe-Mn-C-Pd alloys and describes the key factors which make them suitable for medical applications. The study's in vitro cytotoxicity tests using human umbilical vein endothelial cells revealed acceptable cytocompatibility based on the alloys' eluates. An analysis of the eluates revealed that Fe is… CONTINUE READING

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