On the current status and distribution of the Jungle Cat, Felis chaus, in Jordan (Mammalia: Carnivora)

  title={On the current status and distribution of the Jungle Cat, Felis chaus, in Jordan (Mammalia: Carnivora)},
  author={Mohammad A. Abu Baker and Khalid Nassar and Lina Rifai and Mayas Qarqaz and Walid N. Al-Melhim and Zuhair S. Amr},
  journal={Zoology in the Middle East},
  pages={10 - 5}
Abstract The current status and distribution of the Jungle cat, Felis chaus, in Jordan is reviewed based on recent field observations and specimen collections. In 1998, two specimens were found poisoned in the upper reaches of Jordan River. Skull illustrations and cranial morphometric data are given on the basis of these specimens. 
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