On the covering radius of binary codes (Corresp.)

  title={On the covering radius of binary codes (Corresp.)},
  author={Tor Helleseth and Torleiv Kl{\o}ve and Johannes Mykkeltveit},
  journal={IEEE Trans. Information Theory},
In this correspondence we study upper bounds on the covering radius of binary codes and classes of codes that attain these bounds. The covering radius of a code C cGF (2)” is the least integer r E r(C) such that each vector in GF (2)” is within (Hamming) distance r of some codeword in C. Delsarte [I] proved that r(C) is less than or equal to the external distance of C, which is the number of nonzero terms in the MacWilliams transform of the distance distribution of C. If C is an e-perfect code… CONTINUE READING

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