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On the construction of monopoles with arbitrary symmetry breaking

  title={On the construction of monopoles with arbitrary symmetry breaking},
  author={Benoit Charbonneau and 'Akos Nagy},
A BSTRACT . We produce finite energy BPS monopoles with prescribed arbitrary symmetry breaking from a new class of solutions to Nahm’s equation. 



The classification of monopoles for the classical groups

By studying a construction of Nahm, we compute the moduli spaces of monopoles with maximal symmetry breaking at infinity forSU(N),SO(N) andSp(N); these are found to be equivalent to spaces of

Construction of Nahm data and BPS monopoles with continuous symmetries

. We study solutions to Nahm’s equations with continuous symmetries and, under certain (mild) hypotheses, we classify the corresponding Ansätze. Using our classification, we construct novel Nahm data,

Nahm data and SU(3) monopoles

A moduli space of Nahm data is shown to produce, via the ADHM-Nahm construction, SU(3) monopoles with minimal symmetry breaking. The author finds analytical and numerical expressions for the Higgs

Monopoles and Clusters

We define and study certain hyperkähler manifolds which capture the asymptotic behaviour of the SU(2)-monopole metric in regions where monopoles break down into monopoles of lower charges. The rate

Nahm's equations and the classification of monopoles

Solutions of Nahm's system of ordinary differential equations are produced by variational methods. This leads to an explicit parametrisation of the solutions to the Bogomolny equation over ℝ3.

A note on monopole moduli spaces

We discuss the structure of the framed moduli space of Bogomolny monopoles for arbitrary symmetry breaking and extend the definition of its stratification to the case of arbitrary compact Lie groups.

Nahm's equations and hyperkähler geometry

The geometry of certain moduli spaces of solutions to Nahm's equations is studied, and a family of gravitational instationsj is shown to arise as a deformation of theh Atiyah-Hitchin maniford.

Monopoles and their spectral data

A new definition of spectral data of a monopole is given for any compact Lie or Kac-Moody group. It is shown that the spectral data determines the irreducible monopole. In the case of maximal

Ann monopole solution with 4n — 1 degrees of freedom

An exact static monopole solution, possessingn units of magnetic charge and (4n-1) degrees of freedom, is constructed, generalising the recent work of Ward on two monopole solutions. The equations