On the construction of integrated vertex in the pure spinor formalism in curved background

  title={On the construction of integrated vertex in the pure spinor formalism in curved background},
  author={Andrei Yu. Mikhailov},
  journal={Nuclear Physics},
  • A. Mikhailov
  • Published 3 March 2015
  • Mathematics
  • Nuclear Physics

Normal form of nilpotent vector field near the tip of the pure spinor cone

Abstract Pure spinor formalism implies that supergravity equations in space-time are equivalent to the requirement that the worldsheet sigma-model satisfies certain properties. Here we point out



Pure Spinors in AdS and Lie Algebra Cohomology

We show that the BRST cohomology of the massless sector of the Type IIB superstring on AdS5 × S5 can be described as the relative cohomology of an infinite-dimensional Lie superalgebra. We explain

Cornering the unphysical vertex

A bstractIn the classical pure spinor worldsheet theory of AdS5 × S5 there are some vertex operators which do not correspond to any physical excitations. We study their flat space limit. We find that

Perturbative study of the transfer matrix on the string worldsheet in AdS(5)xS(5)

Quantum non-local charges are central to the quantum integrability of a sigma-model. In this paper we study the quantum consistency and UV finiteness of non-local charges of string theory in

Covariant quantization of the superstring

After reviewing the Green-Schwarz superstring using the approach of Siegel, the super-string is covariantly quantized by constructing a BRST operator from the fermionic constraints and a bosonic pure

Consistency of super-poincaré covariant superstring tree amplitudes

Using pure spinors, the superstring was recently quantized in a manifestly ten-dimensional super-Poincare covariant manner and a covariant prescription was given for tree-level scattering amplitudes.

Towards Covariant Quantization of the Supermembrane

By replacing ten-dimensional pure spinors with eleven-dimensional pure spinors, the formalism recently developed for covariantly quantizing the d = 10 superparticle and superstring is extended to the

A generalization of the Lax pair for the pure spinor superstring in AdS5 x S5

We show that the Lax pair of the pure spinor superstring in AdS5xS5 admits a generalization where the generators of the superconformal algebra are replaced by the generators of some

Super Poincare covariant quantization of the superstring

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