On the construction of hierarchic models


One of the main problems in the field of model-based diagnosis of technical systems today is finding the most useful model or models of the system being diagnosed. Often, a model showing the physical components and the connections between them is all that is available. As systems grow larger and larger, the run-time performance of diagnostic algorithms decreases considerably when using these detailed models. A solution to this problem is using a hierarchic model. This allows us to first diagnose the system using an abstract model, and then use this solution to guide the diagnostic process using a more detailed model. The main problem with this approach is acquiring the hierarchic model. We give a generic hierarchic diagnostic algorithm and show how the use of certain classes of hierarchic models can increase the performance of this algorithm. We then present linear time algorithms for the automatic construction of these hierarchic models, using the detailed model and extra information about cost of probing points and invertibility of components.

DOI: 10.1007/BF01530746

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@article{Out1994OnTC, title={On the construction of hierarchic models}, author={D.-J. Out and R. P. van Rikxoort and R. R. Bakker}, journal={Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence}, year={1994}, volume={11}, pages={283-296} }