On the consistency and independence of some set-theoretical axioms

  title={On the consistency and independence of some set-theoretical axioms},
  author={Alexander Abian and Samuel Lamacchia},
  journal={Notre Dame J. Formal Log.},
In this paper by means of simple models it is shown that the five set-theoretical axioms of Extensionalit y, Replacement, Power-Set, SumSet, and Choice are consistent and that each of the axioms of Extensionality, Replacement, and Power-Set is independent from the remaining four axioms. Although the above results are known and can be found in part in [l], it is believed that this paper has some expository merits. The abovementioned axioms are five of the six axioms of the ZermeloFraenkel Theory… 
We show that the Peano axioms do not meet ZFC axioms. We discuss that a set of natural numbers, i.e., {} , , 2 , 1 K does not meet ZFC axioms. We know that such a set of natural numbers is
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In the form of a literate Haskell program, a “shared axiomatization” of Peano arithmetics, a bit-stack representation of bijective base-2 arith cosmetics, hereditarily finite sets and a few other equivalent constructs are provided that turn out to express basic programming language concepts ranging from lists, sets and multisets, to trees, graphs and hypergraphs.
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