On the concentration of near-inertial waves in anticyclones

  title={On the concentration of near-inertial waves in anticyclones},
  author={Eric Danioux and Jacques Vanneste and Oliver B{\"u}hler},
  journal={Journal of Fluid Mechanics},
An overlooked conservation law for near-inertial waves (NIWs) propagating in a steady background flow provides a new perspective on the concentration of these waves in regions of anticyclonic vorticity. The conservation law implies that this concentration is a direct consequence of the decrease in spatial scales experienced by an initially homogeneous wave field. Scaling arguments and numerical simulations of a reduced-gravity model of mixed-layer NIWs confirm this interpretation and elucidate… 

Refraction and Straining of Near-Inertial Waves by Barotropic Eddies

Fast-moving synoptic-scale atmospheric disturbances produce large-scale near-inertial waves in the ocean mixed layer. In this paper, we analyze the distortion of such waves by smaller-scale

On the modifications of near-inertial waves at fronts: implications for energy transfer across scales

  • L. Thomas
  • Physics, Environmental Science
    Ocean Dynamics
  • 2017
In the ocean, wind-generated kinetic energy (KE) manifests itself primarily in balanced currents and near-inertial waves. The dynamics of these flows is strongly constrained by the Earth’s rotation,

Near-inertial wave dispersion by geostrophic flows

We investigate theoretically and numerically the modulation of near-inertial waves by a larger-amplitude geostrophically balanced mean flow. Because the excited wave is initially trapped in the mixed

Near-Inertial Energy Propagation inside a Mediterranean Anticyclonic Eddy

Motivated by observations of a strong near-inertial wave signal at the base of the semipermanent anticyclonic Cyprus Eddy during the 2010 Biogeochemistry from the Oligotrophic to the

Penetration of Wind-Generated Near-Inertial Waves into a Turbulent Ocean

An idealized storm scenario is examined in which a wind-generated inertial wave interacts with a turbulent baroclinic quasigeostrophic flow. The flow is initialized by spinning up an Eady model with

Near‐Inertial Wave Trapping Near the Base of an Anticyclonic Mesoscale Eddy Under Normal Atmospheric Conditions

Observational evidence demonstrates the signature of near‐inertial wave (NIW) trapping by a long‐lived westward propagating mesoscale anticyclonic eddy under normal atmospheric conditions. Cross‐eddy

Refraction and straining of wind-generated near-inertial waves by barotropic eddies.

We analyze the distortion of wind-generated near-inertial waves by steady and unsteady barotropic quasi-geostrophic eddies, with a focus on the evolution of the horizontal wavevector $\boldsymbol{k}$

Trapping of the near-inertial wave wakes of two consecutive hurricanes in the Loop Current

The near-inertial trapping of the wave wakes of two consecutive hurricanes, Gustav and Ike (2008), at the base of the Loop Current is described using observations of a triangular mooring array.

A generalised-Lagrangian-mean model of the interactions between near-inertial waves and mean flow

Wind forcing of the ocean generates a spectrum of inertia–gravity waves that is sharply peaked near the local inertial (or Coriolis) frequency. The corresponding near-inertial waves (NIWs) are highly

Near-inertial wave energetics modulated by background flows in a global model simulation

We study the generation, propagation, and dissipation of wind-generated near-inertial waves (NIWs) in a global 1/25° Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM) simulation with realistic atmospheric



Organization of near‐inertial energy by an eddy field

We propose an analytical solution for the evolution of the spatial variability of wind‐forced inertial energy in the presence of an oceanic mesoscale eddy field. The solution requires knowledge of

Observations of Near-Inertial Waves in a Front

Abstract Near-inertial with horizontal scales ∼O(10 km) dominate profiles of velocity finestructure collected in the North Pacific Subtropical Front during January 1980. Considerable spatial

Near-Inertial Wave Propagation In Geostrophic Shear

  • E. Kunze
  • Environmental Science, Physics
  • 1985
Abstract An approximate dispersion relation for near-inertial internal waves propagating in geostrophic shear is formulated that includes straining by the mean flow shear. Near-inertial and

Propagation of near-inertial oscillations through a geostrophic flow

The method of multiple time scales is used to obtain an approximate description of the linear propagation of near-inertial oscillations (NIOs) through a three-dimensional geostrophic flow. This 'NIO

The inertial chimney: The near‐inertial energy drainage from the ocean surface to the deep layer

A three-dimensional primitive equation numerical model is used to study the behavior of near-inertial waves generated by surface wind stress on an ƒ plane. The model is fixed depth with a rigid lid

Modification of inertial oscillations by the mesoscale eddy field

[1] The modification of near-surface near-inertial oscillations (NIOs) by the geostrophic vorticity is studied globally from an observational standpoint. Surface drifter are used to estimate NIO

Propagation of Wind Energy into the Deep Ocean through a Fully Turbulent Mesoscale Eddy Field

Abstract The authors analyze the 3D propagation of wind-forced near-inertial motions in a fully turbulent mesoscale eddy field with a primitive equation numerical model. Although the wind stress is

Near-Inertial Oscillations of a Barotropic Vortex: Trapped Modes and Time Evolution

Abstract Amplified motions in vortices have been observed in Gulf Stream rings and over seamounts. This paper uses the near-inertial oscillation approximation to model near-inertial motions in the

Nonlinear interaction between long inertio-gravity and rossby waves

The equations describing the interaction of long inertio-gravity (IG) waves with the Rossby waves are derived. Due to remarkable cancellations, the interaction is shown to be anomalously weak. As a

Trapped, near-inertial waves and enhanced chlorophyll distributions

Waves with near-inertial frequencies were observed along a front associated with a large mesoscale feature in the Sargasso Sea during the late summer of 1987. High subsurface chlorophyll