On the complexity of local search

  title={On the complexity of local search},
  author={C. Papadimitriou and A. Sch{\"a}ffer and M. Yannakakis},
  booktitle={STOC '90},
We prove a number of complexity results on the computational paradigm of local op-timality. Our main results are these: (a) Finding a local optimum under the Lin-Kernighan heuristic for the traveling salesman problemis PLS-complete. (b) Finding stable configurations in neural networks in the Hopfield mode/is PLS-complete. (c) We show that a host of simple unweighted local optimality problems are P-complete. (d) We introduce a general framework for establishing exponential worst-case bounds for… Expand
On the Hardness of Global and Local Approximation
  • H. Klauck
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • SWAT
  • 1996
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