On the completeness and constructiveness of parametric characterizations to vector optimization problems

  title={On the completeness and constructiveness of parametric characterizations to vector optimization problems},
  author={Andrzej P. Wierzbicki},
  • A. Wierzbicki
  • Published 1 June 1986
  • Mathematics
  • Operations-Research-Spektrum
SummaryMotivated by recent reviews of characterizations of optimal solutions to vector optimization problems and by applications to decision support systems, this paper presents a methodological approach to comparing such characterizations. After specifying attributes of constructiveness, alternative classes of characterizations are reviewed. Characterization theorems are quoted or presented in more detail in cases that supplement those given in recent reviews. One of alternative classes of… 

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A new robustness concept in optimization under uncertainty is introduced which is interesting in itself and applied both to characterize by scalarization approximate solutions of set optimization problems with set ordering and to generalize some recent conditions on robust solutions of optimization problems.

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This thesis deals with several aspects related to solving multi-objective problems, without restriction to the bi-objectives, and proposes a new hybrid approach for the determination of the nondominated set, which is instantiated on the minimum spanning tree problem.

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